Soul Cry

I swing back and forth between happy
and “I wish I could rip my heart out and eat it”
I wish I could still this bridge
then fall right between, diving head first into this nothingness
fall right through the darkness to find it
find that place where,
i would be the sun warming up the lands after the cold blizzard

I swing back and forth between happy
and “I wish I could rip my heart out and eat it”
I could have sworn this wasn’t how the story was spun
The whole idea was to get money. Right?
A nine to five with a babe I would wife
Everything would be alright
Me and my dream life

I swing back and forth between happy
and “I wish I could rip my heart out and eat it”
wondering if I should finally let go
‘cos my calloused hands are bleeding
and my weary soul yearns for sleep

– Mawusi ©


Heart Song

Love is weird

Life seems so peachy
Till she hits
Smashing all sense of reality
Twisting logic till it hurts
Searing your cheeks with tears sourced from pained orbits

You are my reality, my now my tomorrow
I’m not loony, haven’t lost my head
Cupid’s arrow is what’s pierced my side
Quiet down babe, listen to your heart strumming
Realise our hearts strumming the same song

He is not what you want
You thought I wanted you not
But it was always you
I digress, love is weird
Weird that I couldn’t tell you how I felt
Weird that love means nothing to me

Now that I can’t have you. i love you

– Mawusi ©

This Son of Adam

Dig a grave
Bury this son of Adam
Sands of time trickled away
His pain, his grief, ebbs not
Never fades

Lay him deep
Pierce his soul
Open his heart, flood it with lead
Quench his sun
For long shall he sleep

Son of Adam lived not for he
Shadows. Echoes
Never solid, fluid
Never stopped to ask
“Who am I?”.

– written by Mawusi ©


I run away from civilisation
My soul stripped bare.
Nude, I run through life’s streets

My feet drove me away from my failure
Yet failure kept following
*clang clang clang*
The iron chains still strapped it to my person

If only my stupid heart had obeyed
Listened to the numerous warnings thrown its way by Brain
But alas, the scars may serve as warning next time

My attempt to not love was a complete fallacy
Who was I kidding?
His heart strings tugged at mind
Made my knees buckle
My thoughts spiral out of control

It wasn’t meant to falter
The calculation was precise
The locks were faultless
Weakness was an enemy
I was perfectly cold

– written by Mawusi© and Shonali


This high will kill me
My lungs fill up with your essence
Hold my breath for as long as possible
Need to extend this high till I pass out

Psychedelic darkness
Oozing out from the core
Enveloping my being
Fantasy, reality. Blurred. Unity

Support structures failed.

My temporal lobe
Inducing temporary feelings
That are meant to be permanent
I can get used to this pain

Spaced out. She locked him in the background
Head raised high
All fours, on the ground
Blood seeped through cracks in his chest

Situation was hopeless
Deep within her Labyrinth
Cardiac capillaries narrow.
A feeling that will end in nova

– written by Mawusi ©

Prison of Despair

My wails echoed of the walls of my prison
She had my heart chained
Her chains coiled themselves tight around me
They burned into my skin
Squeezing the life out of me

My mind had turned icy grey
My blood had turned to sludge
Her whip had left my skin in tatters
Her silence screamed loudly in my ears

I lay motionless
My eyes followed her every move
Her fingers loosely gripped the soul cutter
Towards me she sauntered, a fire burned in her eyes
Edging closer till I could smell the flowers of the spring

My soul let out a tirade of curses
“Look at me. Don’t you feel my anguish?
Don’t you care for us?”
Questions where futile at this stage
She just sneered

The soul cleaver came down
I lay still
Watching, as my soul floated towards oblivion

– written by Mawusi ©

Broken Cowries

A sunken ship never contests with the starry skies
A broken heart never sings with the river birds in the morn
Why imagine risks when there is none?
I present a simple case: Love for you, pain for one
You envision tearful days ahead
but my immunity to these days scare my ancestors
An immunity so strong it leaves no room for sentimental sores to fester
What will cause my weary soul to leak toxic fumes of hate?
Hatred that turns a witch’s blood cold? I’m immune I said!
Misery is my company, and pain is my only joy.

Let me love you…let me shield you

Why torture yourself boy?
Please, don’t!
Don’t you dare love me
I’m broken too
Two broken souls cannot thrive in the sands of time
I will break you. I will break your will
I will empty you. I will extinguish you.
On love’s altar shall your spirit be poured
Till the gods of my land are drunk to stupor

You will be emptied like the shell of a king crab.
No emotions. No empathy but dark hollowness to fill your days.

My mouth speaks fire from my eyes.


For our sake.

– written by Mawusi © and Awurama